Success is like a snowball…It takes momentum to build, and the more you roll in the right direction, the bigger it gets. Steve Ferrante

From the Desk of Gwen

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could just taste it? You dream about it. You get excited when you think about it. You’re hopeful. But something keeps getting in your way.

Your Challenges…
You just can’t seem to make the strides you need to make things happen to change your circumstances or to get the results you want. Your life is either in a holding pattern or you’re on an endless stop-and-go cycle.

For every step forward, you take several steps back. You’re frustrated and you constantly beat yourself for not doing the things you say you want to do; for not being the person you know you could be; for not living the life you should experience.

It is extremely difficult to have incredible dreams, goals and ideas and feel they will never materialize. You believe things are possible for others, but you can’t convince yourself that you, too, can have the outcomes you want.

You are easily defeated and discouraged, and you find yourself settling for the familiar; your comfort zone.

Your Stuck Places…
What is keeping you stuck? Is it fear? Procrastination? Self-doubt? Stinking thinking? Lack of self-discipline? Lack of consistency?

Need I go on? Perhaps there are a number of reasons (EXCUSES!!!) you give yourself to keep you from growing, stretching, and thriving.

It is never too late to begin again. You do not have to continue the cycle of insanity that keeps you stuck, allowing self-sabotaging behaviors to invalidate your efforts.

The Process…
What impact would it have on your personal or professional success if you could:

  • Eliminate time wasters and be more focused and productive daily…consistently?
  • Abandon the self-sabotaging behaviors and other junk in your life so you can experience the results you want?
  • Live your life with more fulfillment AND enjoyment with boldness and courage?
  • Maximize your results with greater clarity and focus?

I help women, just like you, assess their life and circumstances to find where the gaps are. And using a step-by-step lifework process I created, I teach women how to move from stuck to unstuck; how to uncover what’s holding them back; and how to create a strategy for taking more inspired action through accountability and responsibility.

How to know if I’m speaking to you…
I support and help women who:

  • Are sick and tired of being stuck, living a mediocre life.
  • Need a process or strategy for taking the next steps in their life, to help them stay focused and intentional. responsible for the results they seek.
  • Are WILLING to do the work necessary to see the outcomes they want.
  • Are not inspired or motivated to keep it moving; who lack self-discipline and consistency.
  • Need a structured, supported environment for their growth potential.
  • Know they should DO more, BE more and LIVE more in their space of greatness.

Your Choice for Greatness Initiative…
Decide today that you no longer want to live with the gaps in any area of your life. Decide that the desire you have is GREATER THAN THE EXCUSES you have lived with. Decide that YOU are BIGGER than your circumstances. Choose greatness so you can bridge the gap between your current reality and your desired reality…with greater momentum to do more, be more and live more!

Join my community of like-minded women who are moving from idea to action. CLICK HERE to join my Live2BeGreat! Facebook group. See you there!

With definiteness of purpose,

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Life Empowerment Strategist and Trainer
Greater Momentum Training Solutions


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